As a sustainable swimwear brand, we aim to go beyond merely using sustainable materials in our swimwear. With the help of Greenspark, we can remove plastic from the ocean and offset carbon emissions. Greenspark makes it easy to donate an amount per order, which they then allocate to certain projects. We have chosen to support Plastic Bank® and Ripple Africa.

Plastic Bank®

Plastic Bank® prevents ocean-bound plastics from reaching our waterways by collecting plastic waste. They also reduce the production of new plastics by encouraging companies to switch to recycled sources. Operating in Haiti, Brazil, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Egypt – locations with high unemployment, poverty, and plastic pollution. Plastic Bank® not only stops ocean plastics but also improves the lives of the people who collect it.

A smiling woman is sitting next to a Changu Changu Moto, this is a cooking stove

Ripple Africa

To offset carbon emissions, we support Ripple Africa in providing cleaner cookstoves in Malawi. Improved cookstoves combat deforestation, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and offer a safer option compared to traditional cookstoves, which pose serious health risks. This project has already helped transition 40,000 stoves from traditional three-stone cooking fires to energy-efficient 'changu changu motos', benefiting roughly 200,000 people in the Nkhata Bay District of Malawi

The impact that we have made so far