The materials and supply chain

Below you will find information about all the items used in our swim trunks and where they were produced.

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a guy diving off a cliff into the water. his hands are just touching the water. he is wearing black swim trunks

Amni Soul Eco® yarn

The Amni Soul Eco® yarn is produced in Brazil by Rhodia-Solvay Group. Its production chain is designed to minimize its environmental footprint. To produce this yarn, the company uses: a local supply chain, closed water cycle, renewable energy and treats its greenhouse gasses before releasing it.

Outer fabric

The outer fabric of the swim trunks is made from Amni Soul Eco® yarn. This yarn is woven together, turning it into a fabric. This is done by the Portuguese company Lemar.

Mesh lining

The 100% recycled polyester mesh fabric is used for the lining and pockets. This fabric had a GRS certificate* and is made by the Portuguese company Victor Texteis.

* The GRS certificate confirms that the product is made from recycled materials and is responsibly sourced and produced.

Sewing thread

We have also used the Amni Soul Eco® yarn for sewing the swim trunks. It is spun, instead of woven, this process creates sewing yarn. This is done by the Italian company Manifattura Italiana Cucirini.

  • Due to a small mistake during the sewing process, the logo label is attached on the pocket using virgin polyester thread instead of Amni Soul Eco®. Fixing this would waste yarn and risk damaging the label, so we decided to leave it as is. The virgin polyester thread is only used on about 2 centimeters of the shorts, the rest is sewn with the Amni Soul Eco® yarn.


The size labels in the back of the swim trunks are made from 100% recycled polyester, produced in the Netherlands by EE Labels.

Both the washing and logo labels are manufactured by the Portuguese company Passamar. While the washing label is also made from 100% recycled polyester, the logo label is the only item in our shorts made from virgin polyester. We are looking at better options.

Elastics and drawstring

The elastics are made with a combination of rubber, to give it its elasticity, and recycled polyester. The black drawstring in the waistband is also made from 100% recycled polyester.

At the end of the cord we have cord stoppers, or aglets, which are made from metal. The metal is strong, resistant to corrosion and it looks good!

All of these items are produced by portuguese company Joracarsil.

Swimwear manufacturer

Detalhes e Tendências, a portuguese garment manufacturer turns all these items into our swim trunks! We have visited them twice now. It is a small, cozy workplace with really friendly people!


Hangtags are those little paper tags attached to new clothing. They contain extra information about the item.

  • The hangtags with our logo on them are printed on PaperWise, which is agricultural waste turned into 'paper'. So the waste is given a second life and no trees are cut down for this!
  • The hangtags with the Amni Soul Eco® logo on them are made with normal paper. They are provided by Rhodia, the producer of the yarn.