The fabric

Amni Soul Eco®

Amni Soul Eco® is the world’s first polyamide yarn with accelerated biodegradability. A special formula was added, making it break down in 3-5 years in landfill, much faster than other synthetic fabrics, which can take decades or even centuries to biodegrade!

All synthetic fabrics release microplastics during laundry, which make their way into the sea. Thanks to the accelerated biodegradability of Amni Soul Eco®, these microplastics will biodegrade 20 times faster compared to traditional synthetic fabrics.

I know right now you must be thinking:

Will the swim shorts not fall apart as soon as I jump into the water?!

The asnwer is no!

Here's How It Works

When exposed to a combination of ideal conditions, the yarn starts its biodegradation process, influenced by factors such as oxygen levels, light, microorganisms, exposure time, and more. The added formula makes it easier for the bacteria to reach and digest the material, speeding up the biodegradation process. In your daily life, you won't find yourself in these precise conditions, so don't worry:

They will NOT just fall off your body!

two guys on the beach, one is doing a handstand he is wearing red swim trunks. the other is standing next to it smiling. he is wearing blue swim trunks. the background has the sea, rocks and palmtrees

Features of the yarn

Amni Soul Eco® has all the same qualities as normal polyamide yarn. The added accelerated biodegradability does not negatively impact any of these qualities:

  • High durability
  • Soft touch
  • Comfort
  • Quick drying
  • Easy care
  • Breathable
  • Recyclable
  • Moisture management
  • Accelerated biodegradability

You can have a quality product and be sustainable at the same time!

Sustainability Benefits

Every year, over one billion pieces of clothing are discarded into landfills. When these reach capacity, new ones need to be created, destroying natural habitats and agricultural land. In landfills, clothes release microplastics and toxic chemicals into the soil and water, contaminating ecosystems and posing risks to wildlife and human health. Amni Soul Eco® was developed to minimize environmental impact and reduce waste passed on to future generations.

We are a certified Amni Soul Eco® company. This means we have a certificate of origin and the quality of our swim shorts tested by Rhodia, one of the world's leading textile companies and developer of Amni Soul Eco®.

You might have more questions!


Are the swim shorts 100% biodegradable?

We believe we have chosen the most sustainable options available to us now. Unfortunately, at the moment it is not possible to have all parts of our swim shorts with accelerated biodegradability. Our outer fabric is 100% made with Amni Soul Eco® yarn, which means that part is completely biodegradable in 3-5 years in landfills. Most of the other parts are made with 100% recycled polyester. Check out 'The materials and supply chain' for more details on these parts.

Is the yarn tested and/or certified?

Amni Soul Eco® has been tested in an independent laboratory where it underwent several tests.

  • The ASTM D5511 was used to test its biodegradation in landfill conditions.
  • The ASTM D6691 was used to test its biodegradation in marine environments.
  • The ASTM E1963 was used to test its non-toxicity to the environment.

The yarn is also Oeko-Tex® certified. This means its formulation does not pose a risk for human health.

Will the swim shorts start to biodegrade while wearing it?


The yarn's enhanced biodegradability does not impact the fabric's durability or any of its other qualities. You can use the swim shorts just like any other swim shorts. You can swim in the sea, the pool, wash them etc. without harming the product's lifespan!

Marine biodegradation aims to reduce the impacts of microplastics from the sea, which are released when washing clothes. This does not impact the shorts themselves! The fabric will only biodegrade completely when disposed of in landfills.

After biodegrading, what will be left?

Similar to other biodegradable products like paper, wood, cotton, etc., when placed in landfills it decomposes into organic matter (biomass) and biogas. In well-controlled landfills, methane is not released directly into the atmosphere, but burned. In more sustainable landfills, methane is used for power generation.

It says Amni Soul Eco® is recyclable, why is it not mentioned more?

Only 1% of all post-consumer textiles are recycled into new clothing. 12% are downcycled, meaning they are turned into something of lesser value, and 87% end up as garbage, which is either sent to landfills or incinerated.

It is very unlikely that the swim shorts will be recycled, but if there is a textile material recycling system in your country, the shorts should be disposed of there when they are no longer usable.

What should I do when I can no longer use the shorts?

  • If you decide you do not want the swim shorts anymore but they are still good to use, then see if you can either sell them as second-hand items (a great way to make some money back), give them to a friend or donate them to your local charity shop!
  • The yarn is of high quality and very durable, which means the swim shorts should last you a long time and shouldn’t break easily. However, if it does happen check if they can be repaired at your local clothing repair shop. If they can’t be repaired, then you might be able to turn them into something new!
  • When you have gone through all of the above steps and there is nothing else you can do, then it is time to check if there is a textile waste collection in your region and dispose of them there. Only if this option is not available, then throw them away with your normal garbage.