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Our goal is to offer unique swim shorts that not only look and feel good but are also as sustainable as possible by using innovative materials and ethical production practices.

We believe that progress is better than perfection. We are constantly striving to improve our sustainability efforts in every aspect of our business. Step by step.

  • Sustainability

    Being an eco-conscious brand means that we are mindful of the effect of our actions on the environment and that we are actively trying to minimize the impact of these actions.

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  • Transparency

    By openly sharing the steps we've taken in our sustainability journey, as well as areas that still need work, we show we are serious about our sustainable practices and want to improve.

    Our supply chain 
  • Ethical responsibility

    Manufacturers in Europe all have to comply with certain environmental and ethical regulations. By producing in Portugal, we can be sure that the workers are paid fair wages and work normal hours in safe environments.

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I am surfing on a big pink surfboard

Founders' story

During my fashion studies, I learned about the devastating impact the fashion industry has on the environment. Wanting to continue a career in fashion, I knew I had to do things differently.

After a solo surf trip made me realize I wanted to feel these beach vibes in my everyday life I combined that with the desire to create sustainable fashion. I started looking into beachwear and how to make it more eco-friendly. Of course, without compromising on quality and style!

The whole process from initial thought to actual sustainable beachwear (only swim shorts for now) took more than 2 years. It has been a long road, but we are only just getting started!

Caitlin van der Scheer

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